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The International Advantage

SKyPRO is an international company. We have offices in Switzerland, the United States and the Ukraine. In addition we have a well-established partner network in EMEA and the USA.

SKyDev puts all of those resources to use, utilising the strengths of each locale. While Project Management and quality control will be done in our US and Swiss offices, development and first level testing will be executed in our Ukrainian development center, giving our services a high degree of quality at an extremely competitive price point.

Lean Management

Managing and communicating with low cost outsourcing companies costs you time, money and nerves.

Let us handle it. With years of experience developing abroad and in Ukraine, we can save you hassle and costs. You communicate only with our domestic workforce, we do the rest.

Refined Quality Control

One hour of work in one place is not equal to that in another. Offshore work can save money, but cost in other ways.

Whilst all our development is handled abroad saving you money, our quality control and management is done locally. This ensures a high degree of quality at extremely competitive prices.

No Legal Uncertainty

Contracts are difficult to enforce half a world away, in countries you aren't familiar with, who might not have modern and functioning legal systems. Our contracts are made under the law and system you and your colleagues are familiar with.

Don't get involved in a legal dispute halfway across the planet.

We love to communicate with YOU

As part of our philosophy we take the extra step and include consulting, technology and human resource into our core offering. We know that proper communication with you (with our clients) is one of the key elements when working together.

The best software consists of the marriage of business goals, design and code. We specialize in multi-faced, cross platform projects with complex technical requirements, beautiful design and grand business goals.

We Save You Money

With SKyDev you have access to the advantages of an internationally operating company. Here is what handing over a development task to SKyPRO will save you:

%-Time Location Cost Saving
Project Management 20% USA/Switzerland 0%
Software Development 55% Ukraine 35%
First Level Testing and Control 15% Ukraine 12%
Second Level Testing and Control 10% USA/Switzerland 0%
Total Cost Saving: 100% 47%

How we do it

We stick to the following ingredients to ensure a successful development process and your satisfaction.


We know from experience that many great features, functions and designs come up as a project is being developed. Flexibility is key and we are able to add, edit extend or shorten your project at any given stage and time. Having expertise in development, web management and graphic design gives you the peace of mind that we are your "one-stop" partner.

Realistic estimates

We never deliver a low-ball estimate. Our estimates are detail-oriented and intentionally realistic.

Collaborative workflow

We are a project oriented extension of your team. We work transparent manner. You have consistent and constant access to a contact person, and through them our entire team.

Long-term client relationship

Our success depends on repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

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Our Team

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About SKyPRO

Founded in 1987, SKyPRO is a company that has been developing high quality software for more than 30 years. We are no newcomers to this business. We know what we do and we look forward to be working with you.

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