The SKyDev Concept
SKyPRO is an international company, we have offices in Switzerland, the United States and the Ukraine as well as an established partner network in EMEA.
The SKyPRO development services "SKyDev" are taking advantage of all the resources SKyPRO has. While Project Management and quality control will be done in our US or Swiss offices, development and first level testing will be executed in our Ukrainian development center.


SKyDev gives you the following advantages:

  • ➤  On time development and high quality standards
  • ▸ US or Swiss project management
    ▸ Swiss or US quality control
  • ➤  Cost effective software development
  • ▸  Done in SKyPRO`s Ukrainian office
  • ➤   No legal uncertainties
  • ▸  Contract with a Swiss or US company
  • ( according to your preference )